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Fix customizingResolution/selectionRule Kotlin sample

using new component selection type-safe api

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Fix customizingResolution/selectionRule Groovy sample

metadata is nullable

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #6845 from gradle/lptr/core/source-task-not-to-expose-field

Do not expose source field of SourceTask

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Merge pull request #6794 from gradle/lptr/core/upgrade-to-groovy-2.5-notes

Mention Groovy 2.5 upgrade in release notes

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Merge branch 'master' into lptr/core/source-task-not-to-expose-field

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Merge branch 'master' into doc/customizing-dependency-resolution-behavior

Report TestNG test methods below test classes

Prior to this commit, test methods were reported as siblings of their

test classes for recent versions of TestNG:

gradle test executor test descriptor

└── test Ng suite test descriptor

├── class level suite test descriptor

└── test method test descriptor

Now, test methods are reported as children of their test classes:

gradle test executor test descriptor

└── test Ng suite test descriptor

└── class level suite test descriptor

└── test method test descriptor

Resolves #6679.

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Temporarily allow leaking file handles

Issue: gradle/gradle-private#1532

Ignore gosu plugin because of its reliance on SourceTask.source

Rebaseline IdeIntegrationPerformanceTest

Seems like we introduced some regression on dependency mangement, accept it.

Rebaseline improved scenario

Disable buildScanPerformanceTests

Add neutral color to performance report

Previously we have only green and red color in performance report, which is kind of misleading.

This PR uses neutral color to mark those low-confidence execution results.

Rename getResultsForReport method to suppress validation warning

Allow inner class pattern match an outer class (#6812)

This fixes #5763 .

In Gradle 4.7 we made a change which pre-excludes some classes if test pattern is provided. For example, if a test pattern `org.gradle.Foo.testMethod` is provided, we can definitely exclude `org.gradle.Bar` class. However, this introduced one issue: if test pattern `EnclosingClass$NestedClass.nestedTest` is provided, we exclude `EnclosingClass` - this prevents `JUnitPlatformClassProcessor` from discovering its inner class.

This PR fixes this issue by allowing `EnclosingClass` to match a `EnclosingClass$NestedClass` pattern.

Don't benchmark failing kapt sample

Remove commons-collections and commons-cli

Ignore kapt sample

Add accepted API change

Tweak build scan performance tests

- track output to stress test output capturing for clean builds

- just run assemble task when testing build cache and up-to-date data capturing performance

Merge pull request #6795 from gradle/lptr/idea/code-inspection/do-not-warn-on-too-wide-visibility

Do not warn about possible weaker access in IntelliJ

Merge pull request #6840 from gradle/lptr/core/remove-content-hasher-factory

Remove some useless code

Do not expose source field of SourceTask

This has caused some grief and is unnecessary.

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Introduce separate package for execution plan

This is the code that does not depend on tasks.

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Rename TransformInfo -> TransformNode

Ignore failing `HelloKaptSampleTest`

Rename TaskInfo -> TaskNode

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Rename WorkInfo -> Node

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Stop using "task" to refer to nodes in the execution plan

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Remove unused class