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Realised metadata

This includes the following:

* Realising variants, by applying attributes, capabilities and

dependency rules

* Eagerly creating configurations and applying attributes, capabilites

and dependency rules

Issue #5653

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Make OutputEventRenderer asynchronous

Normalize `ModuleIdentifier`

This commit reworks the `ComponentModuleIdentifier`/`ComponentModuleSelector`/`ModuleVersionSelector`

classes to use `ModuleIdentifier` under the hood, instead of storing denormalized strings. This has

the advantage that we can reduce the use of the module identifier factory, which is called very

often during dependency resolution. Sharing instances reduces the need for conversions, and makes

comparisons faster.

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Merge pull request #5670 from gradle/eskatos/build/kotlin-dsl-plugin-version

Remove spurious kotlin-dsl plugin version declaration

Remove spurious kotlin-dsl plugin version declaration

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Require own user home for tests that delete the file access journal

Bump :plugins version

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Track file access in AbstractCachedIndex

Instead of tracking access in DefaultCacheAwareExternalResourceAccessor

and CachingModuleComponentRepository this is now done in

AbstractCachedIndex which ensures it's done always when reading from

indexes of CachedItems and only does so when not already present in an

in-memory cache from a previous lookup.

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Use visitor for file collection changes

Consistently report conflict resolution

This commit refactors how conflict resolution selection reasons are handled, in order to:

- collect the list of versions which participated in conflict resolution

- report a single conflict resolution cause when conflicts are resolved several times for the same module

- consistently report module replacement rules as rules, not conflict resolution. Before this change,

a module replacement was reported as both a conflict and a rule

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Remove separate interfaces for reading and writing file access time

Now that reading and writing is safe again regardless of the phase

we don't need the separate interfaces anymore.

Merge branch 'develop' into eskatos/gradle-api-gen/kclass-and-groovy-named-arguments

Use separate cache for file access time journal

Storing a file access time journal inside each cache causes a lot of

contention in particular with caches that require a lot of exclusive

access like the artifact cache.

Instead, a new `journal-1` cache that is managed by a user-home-scoped

service is now used to keep track of file access times for all caches

that want to use it.

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Separate eager and lazy information

This is in preparation for having a fully eager hierarchy added.

Issue #5653

Separate eager and lazy information

This is in preparation for having a fully eager hierarchy added.

Issue #5653

Merge pull request #5658 from gradle/guylabs/build-scan-plugin-1.14-rc1

Update build scan plugin to 1.14-rc1 version

Merge pull request #5666 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-dsl-0.18.0

Upgrade Kotlin DSL {0.17.5 => 0.18.0}

Update Gradle wrapper in test

Upgrade Kotlin DSL {0.17.5 => 0.18.0}

Toward 0.18.1

Attach the configuration actions for a registered task to the provider for that task rather than adding them to the container level set of actions, and discard these actions when they have been executed.

Prepare 0.18.0 release

When `TaskProvider.configure(action)` is called for a task that has already been realized, just run the action and do not register the action to receive notifications of later task realizations.

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Add `quickTest` task to every `kotlin-library`

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Merge pull request #887 from gradle/bamboo/wip/partial-evaluator

Optimise script execution via partial evaluation

Remove some indirection from event handling in the `DomainObjectCollection` hierarchy.

Use `ImmutableActionSet` in a couple of places to take care of collecting up a sequence of actions to run rather than use some ad hoc code to do this.

Fix a typo in some Javadoc.

Polish task avoidance chapter

- Format the links to the API/Javadocs

- Add section about using gradle-profiler