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Add default build script imports via CompilerConfiguration instead of AST

+review REVIEW-5410

Renamed some methods in performance test results types.

Generate the html and json for individual performance tests into a subdirectory, to make it easier to find index.html

Improve efficiency of string to enum conversion for property setting.

Don't go looking for potential transforms until the dispatch fails and only go looking if property types match.

Avoid unnecessary format string parsing.

Copy the execution plan into a queue that we can trim down as we process it.

Remove some dead code

+review REVIEW-5391

Add default build script imports via AST instead of script text to avoid the cost of parsing them

+review REVIEW-5410

Remove non waiting tasks from the execution plan.

This is a performance optimisation. Previously, every time we needed a task to execute we started iterating linearly through the execution plan looking for the next waiting/runnable task. When the execution plan is large, this means visiting a lot of tasks necessarily and linear growth on the time it takes to find a task to execute relative to how far along we are in the plan.

For now try to determine if we can resolve the javac executable for available JDK.

+review REVIEW-5397

Replacing external module dependency with project dependency keeps the configuration

DependencyMetaData.withTarget keeps the transitive and changing flags

Use different JDKs for subprojects. Use a real library as import for compiled classes.

+review REVIEW-5397

Allow arbitrary types that extend the given type.

+review REVIEW-5397

Can reuse existing concurrency functionality from ConcurrentSpec.

+review REVIEW-5397

Sort unbound rules by descriptor string, alphabetically, before rendering to screen.

Don't use, other, Java 8 API.

+review REVIEW-5408

Fixing issue with Tooling API and Netbeans gradle plugin (GRADLE-3245)

+review REVIEW-5409

Store pending rule binders in an identity hash set to make removal cheaper when the rule binds.

We were previously using a linked list, which has much more expensive, non-index based, removal.

Don't use Java 8 API.

+review REVIEW-5408

Keep an internal name -> object index for named domain object collections.

Previously, a request for an object by name (which happens very often) resulted in a linear search of the backing collection, generating the name and then comparing against that target. We now maintain an index which allows fast retrieval/detection of an object by name.


Add notes about parallel-native and precompiled header specs

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Remove 'This and That' chapter from User Guide

- Remove reference to "directory tasks" that haven't existed in a long time.

- Move "Directory Creation" section to 'Working with Files'

- Move "Caching" section to 'Command Line' chapter

- Move properties section to 'Build Environment'


- Move configuring arbitrary objects section to 'Writing Build Scripts'


Add note about native parallel compilation in release notes

+review REVIEW-5331

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Converting JavaCompile/JavaDoc to use ToolResolver instead of ToolChain

+review REVIEW-5398

Make GCC linker/static archive tools use BuildOperationProcessor too

+review REVIEW-5406

Add information about what is being compiled/linked to error message

+review REVIEW-5406

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Fix task selection for multiproject variant case.

Assembler can now use regular GCC args

+review REVIEW-5331

Fix checkstyle

+review REVIEW-5331