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TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Check :: Quick Feedback - Linux Only' project: New token for a secure value has been generated

Do not use "-" in dependency ID

Do not use "-" in trigger configuration IDs

Do not use "-" in IDs

Subproject core-api does not have functional tests

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Add separate quick feedback trigger that excludes Windows builds

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Merge branch 'master' into teamcity-versioned-settings

Adjust test to reflect the issue in #1618 better

Fix collecting commit ID for build scan on CI.

Avoid forking `git` for build scan values on the project configuration thread.

Instead, fork a new thread. This saves about 200ms of configuration time.

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Do not set `GRADLE_EXIT_CONSOLE` when running integTest

Fail if execResult is set twice in `DefaultExecHandle`

Fix cross-version test for stale output build-op

Renamed build operation: 'Load Build Structure' -> 'Load projects'

Fix cross-version test that expected a particular number of operations

Now just check the task's operation has the child operation

Completely separate `BuildLoader` from `SettingsLoader`

- Removed `BuildAndSettingsLoader`, that chained the 2 actions within a

`SettingsLoader` instance.

- Create a `NotifyingBuildLoader` for use directly by `DefaultGradleLauncher`

- Loading the project structure is now performed as part of the build configuration

operation, instead of within the operation for loading init scripts and settings.

- This means that less work needs to be done building the structure for a composite build.

Fix integration test for operation name change

Merge pull request #2714 from gradle/sg/play/twirl

Support more Twirl templates

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Address review feedback

+review REVIEW-6562

Polish `NotifyingBuildLoader`

Fix unit tests

Provide more details about already registered listener (classname)

Merge pull request #2618 from gradle/jj/build-operations/task-action-names

Improve naming of build operations for task actions

Avoid instanceof when comparing recorded BO event type for forwarding to listener

Convert more userguide chapters to asciidoc (#2733)

This also splits gettingStarted.adoc from installation.adoc. This makes it possible to get rid of the conditional processing of installation.xml

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Activate build scan plugin smoke test

Restart timer if the lock owner changes

If many processes fight and wait for the same lock, the timeout in one

process could be triggered, because it is "last in line". All the times

others hold the lock are added up for the timeout.

This change resets the timeout as soon as the lock owner changes.

Provide an empty contended action instead of null

This contention handling is already active for exclusive locks, but

without an action it is ignoring requests from other parties.

With this, it sends confirmation that the request was received

and that lock releasing is in progress. Although the release itself

is not performed by the contended action, but manually after the

lock is no longer needed (which is the contract for exclusive locks).

Adjust test to change of build script length #2

Mention faster zipTree in release notes

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