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Adding ability to refresh the list of tasks for plugins using additional command line arguments.

- Fixed eol problem on windows

GRADLE-847 - Don't fail build if TestNG test throws expected exception

- Fixed compilation for java 5

- Improved the progress logging output when stdout is connected to a terminal

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- Don't use different module names for resolve and publish.

- Use project name as module name

- Include the tutorials chapter in the userguide (in addition to the website) - Some style, front page and navigation tweaks

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Merge Mike Hunsicker's changes into master.

Added toString methods to Rule map proxies to avoid Groovy throwing an exception when the object is printed.

GRADLE-842 Enabled commented out unit test.

GRADLE-842 Pushed definition of Default/Archives Configuration to BasePlugin

Synchronizing with gradle's head

Merge branch 'master' of

GRADLE-680 - Treat a task with no actions as up-to-date when its dependencies are up-to-date - Extracted ProgressLogger out of Logger. - Changed TaskExecutionLogger to use ProgressLogger. Allows up-to-date status of task to be calculated and reported at end of task execution.

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Re-added files removed on Jan 5, 2010. These are needed by the open-api project. We will add tests for these soon.

Fixing a checkstyle error.

Fixing a bug where you could add a favorite with no display name or command.


- Extracted unit tests for base plugins.

- Refactored embeeded Java project into JavaPlugin.

GRADLE-842 Extract Base plugins for Java/Scala/Groovy.

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Removed unnecessary space from debug message.

- Share common css across userguide and website - Updated some fonts and colours for userguide

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- Ported DefaultProject from groovy to java, and use the same mechanism as other domain objects to mix in dynamic behaviour.

GRADLE-838 - Some more int test coverage for dynamic domain objects - Ported DefaultTask from groovy to java

GRADLE-838 - Made DefaultRepositoryHandler dynamic - Reworked class decoration so that all dynamic objects end up implementing GroovyObject

- Fixed broken int tests on windows

GRADLE-800 - Include the test failure exception in test summary logging at info level

GRADLE-840 - Fixed escaping of regexp chars in task names on the command-line

- Fix broken unit test under java5

Fixing an issue where the temporary init-scripts weren't being deleted. Added ability to obtain and manipulate the favorites via the open-api. Added ability to rerun the last executed command.

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