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Push logic out of GlobalScopeServices

+review REVIEW-5867

Address Mark's comments on release notes

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Changed single and multi- request worker implementations to much better deal with the worker process crashing or exiting unexpectedly.

Also deal with and better report a failure to load the worker implementation classes.

Changed `ObjectConnection` contract to allow handlers to be notified of the end of the stream of messages. The handler can then deal with missing messages rather than wait forever.

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Launching From Finder on Mac Fails

When you launch a shell script from Finder on Mac the `cwd` is the user's home dir, not the project dir. This detects and fixes that.

PS: I'm not sure if this is where the template for Gradle Wrapper comes from. Let me know if it is somewhere else.

Use enum as input value and move to top level

+review REVIEW-5867

Fix log message

Merge pull request #599 from jnizet/doc/encoding

doc: design doc for character encoding handling

Accept it as a valid result when the build gets executed twice

- fix flaky test

- see 9672b87c commit message

Fix cancellation for integrated composite

Needed to map exceptions correctly for consistency with non-integrated composite.

Cleaning up unit test conditions

+review REVIEW-5898

Fix link

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Inject Gradle Home when creating TestBuildScopeServices

Avoid project.gradle.gradleHomeDir of ProjectBuilder being null.

+review REVIEW-5867

Improving javadoc comment to mention thread safety of worker

+review REVIEW-5884

Enable most tests for supplying arguments to request on integrated composite

Certain arguments are not supported, such as java.home. Added a warning when integrated

composite build is enabled.

Fix sample for changed API

Revert to old behavior of gradleApi() and gradleTestKit()

The new behavior is still reachable through internal APIs but not exposed to the end user.

+review REVIEW-5867

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Renamed `Applicator` to `CachingPropertyApplicator`

+review REVIEW-5873

Enabled test for stdout/stderr with integrated composite

Move follow symlinks to a field.

+review REVIEW-5852

- This change also moves the deletion of the test symlink in Jdk7Symlink

to a finally block instead of at VM shutdown.

Fix CI

+review REVIEW-5867

Renamed CompositeBuildLauncherInternal -> CompositeBuildLauncher

Renamed new identifier properties on tooling models

GradleBuild.getIdentifier() -> getBuildIdentifier()

BuildEnvironment.getGradleBuildIdentifier() -> getBuildIdentifier()

GradleProject.getIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

BasicGradleProject.getIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

BuildInvocations.getGradleProjectIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

ProjectPublications.getGradleProjectIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

Launchable.getGradleProjectIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

GRADLE-3423: Inner class reference is no longer resolved

Javadoc tweaks for `GradleConnection`

GRADLE-3423: Inner class reference is no longer resolved

Fix license header

Add an IDEA performance test

update daemon specs after planning meeting

Replace dependency on Guava's `CacheLoader` with an ad-hoc cache implementation