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Avoid invalid jar in flaky integration test

Revert "Relocate integration test to avoid issues caused by the temp test dir name"

This reverts commit 4722f630cb7ea8f92b67cf9c4b6194ff14090d3b.

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder`

Merge pull request #8155 from victorjacobs/fix-typo-organizing-gradle-projects

Fix typo in Organizing Gradle Projects documentation

Relocate integration test to avoid issues caused by the temp test dir name

Improve computation of cache key from project schema

- build a `HashCode` iteratively instead of assembling a potentially

huge string

- make sure the hash code distinguishes among extensions, conventions,

tasks and container elements by inserting a separator (the set size)

between each one of them

Merge pull request #8157 from gradle/gh/stable-native/native-init

Add build init support for C++ applications and libraries

Move JavaMethod factory methods to JavaMethod

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
Move back new @Internal annotations

Having those annotations an `AbstractTask` should be enough for now.

Use lifecycle task compileAllBuild

Increase max heap for tests on Windows

Change the console rendering to avoid redrawing the build status or each work in progress line when nothing has changed. Previously, each line would be redrawn on each 'update now' event regardless of change (which are fired 10 times per second). The changes result in a much better experience on slower terminals, such as the Windows console, as the cursor does not bounce around while nothing else is changing on the screen.

Also skip setting and resetting the text attributes when rendering an empty span, to avoid generating some pointless control characters.

Rename build type id to match current TC build

Don't write console dynamic content, such as the build status or work in progress, to stderr. Previously, dynamic content was written to stderr when it was attached to the console but stdout was not, however this messes up the console output when stdout is piped through some other command and then to the console (eg via `grep`).

Color output is still written to stderr when it is attached to the console

Add logs

Run interleaved

Disallow '-J' flags in `CompilerOptions.compilerArgs`

`javac` already fails if -J flags (i.e. those affecting the JVM that is running

the compiler) appear in command-line argument files as opposed to directly on

the command line, but does so with a particularly useless error message.

This validation thus mainly serves to improve the error messaging, offering the

right alternative API for supplying such flags.

Signed-off-by: Ian Kerins <>

Support Java 9+ flamegraphs

Run perf to record all time data

Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'sg/lazy/publish-register-2' into release""

This reverts commit 0937d57caa43dabc31d331dea6c9c0cf72de8607.

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Merge pull request #8152 from gradle/wolfs/property-metadata-feedback

Address review feedback for PropertyMetadataExtractor

Use cpp identifier string for header guards

Make header guards reflect project name

Update the userguide to reflect C++ build init types

Public library header is now generated with the name of the project

Make header export macro unique

Enable multi module Java platform test

Now that we have the `java-platform` plugin, the test can be enabled

back and the proper behaviour asserted.

Deprecate JavaLibraryPlatform

This is now replaced by the `java-platform` plugin.

Add test for `MapProperty` shortcut method

Signed-off-by: Mike Kobit <>

Add header guards to C++ templates