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Don't write console dynamic content, such as the build status or work in progress, to stderr. Previously, dynamic content was written to stderr when it was attached to the console but stdout was not, however this messes up the console output when stdout is piped through some other command and then to the console (eg via `grep`).

Color output is still written to stderr when it is attached to the console

Add logs

Run interleaved

Disallow '-J' flags in `CompilerOptions.compilerArgs`

`javac` already fails if -J flags (i.e. those affecting the JVM that is running

the compiler) appear in command-line argument files as opposed to directly on

the command line, but does so with a particularly useless error message.

This validation thus mainly serves to improve the error messaging, offering the

right alternative API for supplying such flags.

Signed-off-by: Ian Kerins <>

Support Java 9+ flamegraphs

Run perf to record all time data

Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'sg/lazy/publish-register-2' into release""

This reverts commit 0937d57caa43dabc31d331dea6c9c0cf72de8607.

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Merge pull request #8152 from gradle/wolfs/property-metadata-feedback

Address review feedback for PropertyMetadataExtractor

Use cpp identifier string for header guards

Make header guards reflect project name

Update the userguide to reflect C++ build init types

Public library header is now generated with the name of the project

Make header export macro unique

Enable multi module Java platform test

Now that we have the `java-platform` plugin, the test can be enabled

back and the proper behaviour asserted.

Deprecate JavaLibraryPlatform

This is now replaced by the `java-platform` plugin.

Add test for `MapProperty` shortcut method

Signed-off-by: Mike Kobit <>

Add header guards to C++ templates

Apply some target machines by default

Illustrate exclusion of dependency from publication

Added a test showing that `dependency` nodes from the XML can be

filtered out through `pom.withXml`. In this case it applies to a virtual


Issue #8020

Reduce TAPI size upper limit

Mention Thomas Broyer in release notes

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Merge pull request #8134 from tbroyer/issue-2300-sourceSet.output.generatedSourcesDirs

Add annotation processor generated sources to SourceSetOutput

Merge pull request #8135 from tbroyer/issue-8128-incrementalprocessing.unrecognizeoption

Silence unrecognized annotation processor option during incremental processing

Add testJar to Maven publication

Derive namespace from project name rather than package

Add sourcesJar to multi-module publications

Fix tests on Windows

Verify sourcesJar is added to publication

Generate sourcesJar task

In order to publish generated sources, a sourcesJar task needs to

be created if the maven pom contains a maven-sources-plugin


Issue: #7952

Increase expected TAPI jar size

Because of small additions, it's now slightly larger.