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Simplify transformation exception structure

Remove WorkIdentity

Instead of assigning arbitrary ids to all work items that are part of

the execution graph, include the `Nodes` in

`ExecuteTaskBuildOperationDetails` and

`ExecuteScheduledTransformationStepBuildOperationDetails` so they can

be queries for dependency successors directly. This eliminates the need

to query `TaskExecutionGraphInternal` or `ExecutionPlan` for the node

in order to determine its dependencies.

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Make sure we can publish resolved versions for platforms

In general, this is likely not what we want to do but for

consistency, this commit makes sure that if a publication

strategy sets the strategy to publishing resolved versions,

we do it for platforms too.

Use callable build operation to simplify things

Leverage Kotlin lambdas in samples where applicable

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Remove limitation of using Kotlin lambdas on Gradle APIs

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Publish 5.1-20181210080012+0000

Add some test coverage of service injection into various types of domain objects.

Move test case from integTest to core project.

Fix build scan plugin performance test to include task input file capture

Dump stacktraces on SmokeTest timeout

Remove pointless decoration from `TaskFactory` as the instantiation takes care of this.

Increase WorkerDaemonLifecycleTest timeout to 180s

Move the 'custom task types' and 'lazy configuration' chapters to 'extending Gradle'

Document the `@Option` can be applied to `Property<T>` task properties.

Some edits to the 'custom plugins' user manual chapter to remove some duplication with the 'lazy configuration' chapter.

Publish 5.1-20181210000033+0000

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

Changed 'user guide' to 'user manual' in a bunch of user visible places.

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Some tweaks to the build init version selectors.

Update release notes to mention `@Option` support on properties.

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Merge pull request #1292 from gradle/bamboo/simplify-walkReproducibly

Simplify `File.walkReproducibly`

Convert groovy samples to lazy tasks API

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Merge pull request #7975 from gradle/bamboo/release/kotlin-dsl-1.0.5

Upgrade Kotlin DSL to 1.0.5 and Kotlin to 1.3.11

Fix broken link in Kotlin DSL Primer

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Smoke test Kotlin Gradle Plugin 1.3.11

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Use Kotlin 1.3.11 in init template

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Simplify `File.walkReproducibly`

Toward 1.0.6

Upgrade Kotlin DSL to 1.0.5 and Kotlin to 1.3.11