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Fix #6735

Only consider Project dependencies for analysis mappings

Add extension tests to SettingsDslIntegrationSpec

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Leitschuh <>

Merge branch 'master' into extension_aware_settings

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Leitschuh <>

Fix dependency declarations for junit-vintage-engine

The vintage JUnit engine (org.junit.vintage:junit-vintage-engine)

has a _runtime_ dependency on `junit:junit`, which no longer leaks into

the test compile classpath. Because of this, an explicit compile-scope

dependency `junit:junit:4.12` is required.

Remove JDK 7 from DaemonPerformanceMonitoringCoverage

Rework task dependency inference so that `Provider` implementations use the same `TaskDependencyContainer` interface that most other things use to declare their producer task to the task resolution infrastructure, rather than having special knowledge sprinkled around various places.

Cleaned up a bunch of `Provider` and `Property` implementations so that more logic is reused rather than reimplemented.

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Merge pull request #6749 from gradle/bamboo/master/kotlin-dsl-1.0-rc-7

Upgrade Kotlin DSL to 1.0-rc-7

Update composite build tests for improved POM support

Do not permit stack-traces to be emitted by integration tests

Tidy up variant-names in integration tests

Instead of inlining the expected variant name in the module coordinates,

use `ResolveTestFixture.expectDefaultConfiguration(variant)`.

Make DSL reference header consistent with user manual

Customize display of docsearch

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Rename jacoco-application-output.sample.conf to a shorter name to avoid hitting windows path length limitation

Fix some consistency issues in task dependency inference for various kinds of providers that do not represent a task output.

Remove unnecessary rule

Raise memory available for build inside IntelliJ

Groovy seems to require this

Merge branch 'master' into lptr/core/upgrade-to-groovy-2.5

Bump compiler memory size

Revert unnecessary changes

Since we reverted to using groovy-all.jar, there is no need for these changes anymore.

Add some test coverage for task dependency inference with providers.

Replace some special cases that are handled by `DefaultTaskDependency` with types that implement `TaskDependencyContainer` instead.

Revert back to using a groovy-all.jar built by ourselves


Update the build-init versions.

Move the logic to update the build-init version resource into the `gradle/gradle` build.

This allows the logic to be specific to the current Gradle version rather than attempting to work for versions that might be promoted, for example when the resource format or target JVM changes or a new library or plugin is required. This also allows the versions to be updated at any time, rather than only during release branching.

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Toward 1.0

Reproduce Scala variant selection failure

Upgrade Kotlin DSL to 1.0-rc-7

Remove spurious space

Prepare 1.0-rc-7 release