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Revert unnecessary changes

Since we reverted to using groovy-all.jar, there is no need for these changes anymore.

Add some test coverage for task dependency inference with providers.

Replace some special cases that are handled by `DefaultTaskDependency` with types that implement `TaskDependencyContainer` instead.

Revert back to using a groovy-all.jar built by ourselves


Update the build-init versions.

Move the logic to update the build-init version resource into the `gradle/gradle` build.

This allows the logic to be specific to the current Gradle version rather than attempting to work for versions that might be promoted, for example when the resource format or target JVM changes or a new library or plugin is required. This also allows the versions to be updated at any time, rather than only during release branching.

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Toward 1.0

Reproduce Scala variant selection failure

Upgrade Kotlin DSL to 1.0-rc-7

Remove spurious space

Prepare 1.0-rc-7 release

Fix tests after nullability changes

Javadoc fix.

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Fix `DependencyManagementIntegrationTest` on Windows

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/50/deprecations'

* origin/sg/50/deprecations:

Fix deprecation messages in tests

Fix deprecation messages

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Fix removal of cssElements from archives configuration

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Transform list chain into sequence chain

Changes after review

- one sentence per line

- NPM config files as input

- ListProperty<String>

- pass a string rather than a file to outputs.file()

- link to guide for relocatability

Signed-off-by: jnizet <>

Fix KotlinDslAccessorsSnapshotTaskIntegrationTest

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Bump :plugins version

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Temporarily ignore sample tests that assert on the kotlin version

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Add IDEA inspection settings for native import

The idea-ext plugin does not yet support customizing inspections. Thus,

the profile and the setting to use it are added to version control.

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Increase number of runs

Upgrade Kotlin to 1.2.70

Remove location aware exception hints from IDE resolver temporarily

They need some more love to be more useful and less distracting

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Disable inspections with idea-ext