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Fix incorrect task name in Javadocs

Share outer builds worker lease with included build for parallel execution (#2464)

* Use same parent lease for all included builds when executing tasks

* Notify state changes when we clear a shared lease

* Add documentation and refactor a bit

* Rename some methods and make Javadoc sensible

* Add test coverage for withSharedLease()

* Assert that we see the expected amount of task concurrency

* Add another test for composite build execution with max-workers=1

* Fix Codenarc violations

* Move concurrency assertion into build operations fixture

Add Javadocs for newly introduced public API

Fix typos in test

Fix build scan custom values

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Mention potentially breaking change

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Polish PR 772

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Update Wrapper to latest snapshot

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Fix checkstyle

No @since annotations for service injection?

Recognize Josué Lima in release notes

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Accept/fix binary compatibility changes introduced by ObjectFactory

Set binary compatibility baseline for master

Restore previous behavior: user can set daemon jvm args to empty

If the jvm args are explicitly defined (i.e. org.gradle.jvmargs="")

no defaults are applied.

Merge branch 'release'

Use fixed version to check for binary compatibility

Make tests using play.test.WithBrowser wait for port 19001 to be free

This should fix flakiness of

'UserGuidePlaySamplesIntegrationTest.compiler sample is buildable'

Do not attempt to execute 'jstack' if it does not exist

IBM VMs do not provide it.

Expect deprecation warning for Gradle versions 1.1 - 1.12

Copy remote cache artifacts into local cache 2

Fixes some issues and improves test coverage

Ensure that jre is valid for different jvm

Ensure that jre is valid for different jvm

Disable tests that won't work on Java 9

Disable tests that won't work on Java 9

Ignore tests when run in parallel as they won't behave the same

Ignore tests when run in parallel as they won't behave the same

Requires String interpolation to work properly

Polish FindBugs progress option

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Merge pull request #2425 from gradle/gh/worker-api/set-executable

Worker daemons respect all java fork options settings

Add an option to FindBugs to disable analysis progress (#2181)

This fixes,,

It has been reported that FindBugs plugin will always print analysis

progress to standard output no matter what the configuration is. It is

because '-progress' command line option is always activated when

staring FindBugs in FindBugsSpecBuilder. This commit add an option to

FindBugs plugin named 'showProgress' to control it. If set to false,

'-progress' will not be passed to FindBugs.

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Add missing exception message