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Merge pull request #2172 from blindpirate/cmd-override-script

Let --tests option override test.include and test.exclude

Fix distributions artifact rule for colony compatibility build

Fix Gradleception build steps

Ignore IDEA files of TC config project

Use runtime GSK version in `embedded-kotlin` plugin

Remove build scan init from Colony Comp build

We do not have that script in the other repository.

Shorter plugin ids

Add descriptions to test configurations

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Fix artefact rules for distribution and stage builds #2

Fix artefact rules for distribution and stage builds

Introduce `kotlin-dsl` plugin

adds gradleScriptKotlinApi() dependency

applies gsk kotlin compiler plugin to production code

Add missing license header

Fix java7 home one Windows

Fix wrong package in kdoc for embedded-plugin accessor

Use a different java7.home on windows

Fix string replacing

Fix test coverage project name

Escape java7.home on Windows

Refine plugin declaration in :plugins build script

Fix a few typos

Do not escape Gradle parameters

Only escape parameters on Windows

Remove API change report from chain

This one needs the authenticated pool and thus should by part of the

promotion build project.

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Rename to show build first in alphabetical ordering

Activate trigger

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    • +3
Fix smoke test dependency

Do not disable build reuse

Revert "Temporarily remove dependencies that failed to sync"

This reverts commit 834e7ff7fa6456bbfb640ccc3a4cb7d89a6fd6cc.

Temporarily remove dependencies that failed to sync

Revert: Temporarily remove config that fails to sync

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