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Revert "Log name of task experiencing problems with (un)packing its results"

This reverts commit 85ca847d3bee7491cc3f27325d9981991547c786.

Show stale output cleanup message on info level

Merge pull request #2086 from gradle/dd/composite-builds/task-references

Use a task dependency to trigger construction of artifacts in an included build

Remove parallel.intra from performance tests

This option was never documented, unsafe and is now removed.

Remove it from the tests to avoid skewing results.

Reword caveat message for build cache

+review REVIEW-6541

Test logs should be grouped with it's other task output (#2052)

Remove handling for AbstractMethodError with GSK

Gradle-script-kotlin is now using `AbstractPluginServiceRegistry`, so this

error handling is no longer required.

Merge pull request #2131 from gradle/ew/logging/log-progress-events-with-headers

Log progress headers when not associated with a build operation

Match build VMs if immutable VM arguments match


Don't wrap exceptions from included builds

Fix merge conflict mistake.

Describe differences between different classpath annotations

+review REVIEW-6542

Merge branch 'release'

Merge pull request #2135 from gradle/ld/ops/move

Better homes/names for build operation types.

Update multi-project-with-buildSrc README

Remove note about enabling Gradle Script Kotlin support which is no longer needed.

Rename network request build operation and drop unused attributes.

Remove work in progress for task output caching

+review REVIEW-6541

Remove work in progress for the build cache

+review REVIEW-6541

Merge pull request #2133 from gradle/so-faster-build-op-queue

Acquire worker lease per test worker, not per test class

Acquire worker lease per test worker, not per test class

This reverts a change that put the worker lease around the processTestClass call. That change had two negative effects:

- it was no longer protecting the actual work in the test worker, but only the "work" of sending the test class over (which is cheap)

- it acquired and released a worker lease for every test class, leading to lots of contention with other threads waiting on that lock

The original change was made in response to a deadlock which was probably caused by something else.

The test cases are still all passing and the large performance test project that used to show the deadlock is no longer having that problem.

Move build operation type class under internal namespace.

Polish documentation and release notes

+review REVIEW-6540

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Added some test coverage to verify that progress information is displayed on the console as resources are being downloaded.

Changed `BlockingHttpServer` to allow a test to write a portion of the response for an HTTP request and then block, allowing the test to verify stuff while Gradle is blocked waiting for the request to complete (for example, that the console displays the right progress information).

Merge pull request #2105 from gradle/ff-annotate-classes-with-usedByScanPlugin

Annotate non public APIs used by the build scan plugin.

Tweaked the progress logging shown when downloading or uploading a resource.

Log progress headers when not associated with a build operation

To preserve the same logging behavior as 3.5, emulate logic

from ProgressLogEventGenerator that logs non-null progress start

event headers when they're received.

Issue: #2059

Documentation for new console (#2112)

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Show remote resource downloads in the console 'work in progress' section.

Try to make BuildStatusRendererFunctionalTest less flaky