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Remove TODO we'll never do

Update release notes and docs about --offline

+review REVIEW-6496

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Merge branch 'release'

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Allow nested usage of BuildOperationProcessor

Use a dynamically sized thread pool in BuildOperationProcessor to allow

nested usage. Maximum in-flight work is managed by worker leases, the

size of that thread pool has nothing to do with that. It being caped

at maxWorkers made it impossible to use BuildOperationProcessor inside

a work enqueued to BuildOperationProcessor up to a certain degree. This

commit fixes that.

Add build operation for resolving all artifacts

This generates a "resolve artifacts" build operation if

getFiles() is called on lenient configuration.

Refine ParallelTestExecutionIntegrationTest

The forkEvery value didn’t make sense for some maxWorkers/maxParallelForks values under test

Shouldn’t be flaky anymore

Exercise more potential deadlock situations, see the two previous commits

Remove items from release notes that already part of 3.5

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Fix potential deadlock on parallel test execution again

Follow up on c9799ad, see its message for details

This commits invert the worker lease holder test processor and the

max n parallel test processor, putting the former before the later.

Given that the “max n parallel test” processor uses non-blocking proxy

actors, a deadlock could happen when forkEvery=1.

This was discovered while working on ParallelTestExecutionIntegrationTest


Fix BlockingHttpServer.CyclicBarrierAnyOfRequestHandler fixture

Simplify handler code

Prevent missing test failures despite assertions failures on Jetty threads

Prevent race conditions caused by missing locking and wrong ordering

Adjust expectations to name change of config project build operation

Fix mock setup for new service

Make reusable build operation details static

Simplify configure project operation name calculation

Use dependency injection getter to access service

Preserve the exact message text when wrapping as unchecked exception

If the message is the one presented to the user in the summary,

it should not be polluted with additional information. The build

operation executor now uses this wrapping behavior.

Add new service to integration test setups

Remove `println` from tests

Remove unused class

Add comment about thread-safety of test fixture

Rename test method for clarity

Remove `isComposite` method in favor of an ad-hoc equivalent test

Only emit a build operation when the plugin is actually applied

...and not if the plugin was already applied before.

Remove unnecessary findIdentityPath() call and null check

Use a specialized service for project configuration

Separates project configuration code (with build operations) from

`DefaultProject` and other places where project configuration

can be triggered.

Inlined apply plugin build operation

User service registry instead of adding an additional accessor

Report task outcome statistics after build finishes

This changes the format of the Build Result to have consistent

duration display to the console.

- Move TerseDurationFormatter and reuse it for BuildResultLogger.

Inject a DurationFormatter into the BuildResultLogger with a

concrete TersePrettyDurationFormatter impl.

- Remove cache stats reporting

- Fix tests that scrape build result message

Issue: #1639

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use a local variable vs a method for determining if we're using a remote build cache

+review REVIEW-6496

For tasks that do not execute, report an unknown cacheability

+review REVIEW-6493

Capture current behavior of cacheability reasons

+review REVIEW-6493