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Prevent periodic memory check to stop if it fails once

Remove spaces

Do not make `api` extends from `compile`

It doesn't have to, and it will make publishing with the new Maven plugin more consistent: `compile` dependencies

are then considered `implementation` dependencies.

Verify proper behavior of Ant task for unknown values

Document default value for property

Apply input/output annotations

Add support for publishing Java libraries with Maven

This commit makes sure that Java projects and Java libraries can be published using the `maven` plugin. As the project is built with Gradle,

we only need to add additional mappings for the `implementation`, `api` and `testImplementation` configurations, because the other configurations

only make sense when building, not consuming.

Those are mapped to the following Maven scopes:

- `api` is mapped to `compile`

- `implementation` is mapped to `runtime`

- `testImplementation` is mapped to `test`

The `compileOnly` and `runtimeOnly` dependency buckets are only used from within a project, so should not appear in the generated pom file.

Convert `MavenPluginTest` to Spock

Normalise file separators when comparing text file content

Quote file separator when used regex

Use first path segment instead of hash code for unique file names

Fix mock type

Fix OS total memory size gathering on IBM JVMs

The JMX attribute name is different than on SUN/ORACLE JVMs

Integration tests for scenario: Produce dex files for Android library

Integration tests for scenario: Produce dex files for Java library

Integration tests for scenario: Produce dex files for downloaded Aar

Integration tests for scenario: Produce dex files for downloaded Jar

Fix merge issue

Use `project.getDisplayName()` instead of `toString()`

The result is the same, it's just about avoiding use of `toString()`.

Make Android use case integration test reusable for more scenarios

Merge pull request #970 from gradle/rg-worker-process-logging-WIP

Fix logging from Gradle Worker processes

Handle review items for BuildCacheException

+review REVIEW-6404

Moved an inner class to top level.

Fixed unit test on windows.

Allow custom implementations of `PublishArtifact` to be used to declare the artifacts of a configuration, as these are currently used in the Android plugin.

Fix issue with logging output arriving late

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Validate that each selected artifact is compatible with the requested attributes and no transform is available to produce a variant that is compatible, instead of ignoring the artifacts that are not compatible, now that selection makes the decision of which artifacts to include based on variants instead making the decision per artifact.

Fixed resolution of JVM library dependencies.

Implement `toString()` for all `AttributeContainer` implementations.