Jonathan Leitschuh <>
on 20 Jun
Merge branch 'master' into deprecate_http_download
* master: (225 commits)
Document the purpose of PublicApi.kt
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Merge branch 'master' into deprecate_http_download

* master: (225 commits)

 Document the purpose of PublicApi.kt

 Mention Eclipse test sources as a potential breaking change in the upgrade notes.

 Fixed managed property generation for `Property<T>` types where `T` is a parameterized type.

 Update library/language versions used by build-init templates.

 Remove the instant execution cache file when there is a failure writing to the cache file.

 Disallow references to `ConfigurationContainer` from tasks serialized to the instant execution cache.

 Recognize contributor

 Publish 5.5-20190620010535+0000

 Fix small typo in the feature variants chapter of the user guide

 Rebaseline instant-execution performance tests

 Refine MethodCodec

 Polish task actions test

 Polish BeanSchema

 Temporarily ignore instant execution performance tests

 Refine ClassLoaderCacheInternal

 Tidy up DefaultInstantExecution & DefaultClassLoaderCache

 Add some coverage for captured task actions

 Dehydrate Closure and fix BeanSchema for task actions

 Add MethodCodec for serializing StandardTaskAction

 Let BeanSchema include AbstractTask.actions


Signed-off-by: Jonathan Leitschuh <>

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