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Remove unused parameter

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Use a common base class for all build types

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Revert "Increase timeout for long running functional tests"

This reverts commit f32f44adc8af3bec60f4466ae1f6a0781fde0f86.

Increase timeout for long running functional tests

Looks like AllVersionsCrossVersion for toolingApi is hitting this

timeout on Windows since the 4.2 release.

No longer provide a distribution as artifact

Let Sanity Check provide a build receipt with a common timestamp.

Everything else is then reused from build cache.

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Fix expression

Call build types on subprojects instead of using specific tasks

Allow functional test builds for subprojects that are not yet added

This allows us to build new projects on branches. On branches where

the new projects do not yet exist, the corresponding builds will

just do nothing and succeed with a message that the project is missing.

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Make test configuration ids even shorter

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Shorten test coverage project/config IDs

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Generate one functional test configuration for each subproject

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Run only integration tests with Java 9 (not Gradle itself)

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Make CI build model configurable

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Set Android home for soak tests

Fix string concatenation

Fix test task for soak tests

Add descriptions to test configurations

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Do not disable build reuse

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Remove redundancy from Kotlin-based CI configuration

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