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Include code style

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Better gitignore

- Ignore build directories in nested samples

- Include changes to checked-in IDEA config

Merge branch 'master' into teamcity-versioned-settings

Refactored buildSrc into modules to improve feedback cycles

- Created module boundaries around different languages and slow tests

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Merge branch 'master' into teamcity-versioned-settings

.gitignore out/

IDEA compilation output dir

Add check dsl iml file for easier configuration

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Ignore Eclipse .metadata directory

Change "Mac OS X" and "OS X" to the current name "macOS" in documentation and comments (#3203)

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Ignore IDEA files of TC config project

Remove redundancy from Kotlin-based CI configuration

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Ignore Team City config IDEA project file(s)

Don't gitignore every directory named `build` but only build dirs

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Convert to multi-project build in preparation to adding new modules

See #304

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Add .gradletasknamecache to .gitignore

This file is used for command line completion by the gradle plugin

for oh-my-zsh.

Disable TC synchronization

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Add .gitignore entries for emacs temporary files

Add `build-android-libs` to `.gitignore`

Add Android example

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Do not ignore ktscfg xml files

Ignore log files in repository root

Add .mrconfig with entries for project and wiki

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Convert `java-application` sample to Gradle Kotlin

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Generate Kotlin script configuration file

So Kotlin based build script files can be comfortably edited from IDEA.

This is still work in progress though. We need to generate a classpath

that contains the latest Gradle built from `fram-gradle` instead of the

Gradle that we use to build `gradle-script-kotlin` (currently 2.13).

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Generate API extensions for `Action<*>` methods

The generated extensions replace the `Action<T>` parameters by function

literals with [custom receiver


to provide an experience closer to the Groovy DSL.

Unfortunately it seems the Kotlin compiler will still pick the original

`Action<*>` methods from the interface instead of the generated

extensions with custom receiver objects.

See #1

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Introduce Gradle build

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Ignore transient IDEA and Vim artifacts

Ignore Vim swap files

Remove 'subprojects/*/ide' entry from .gitignore

These directories are no longer in use.

Remove 'buildSrc/lib' entry from .gitignore

This directory is no longer in use.