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Convert to multi-project build in preparation to adding new modules

See #304

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Add .gradletasknamecache to .gitignore

This file is used for command line completion by the gradle plugin

for oh-my-zsh.

Disable TC synchronization

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Add .gitignore entries for emacs temporary files

Add `build-android-libs` to `.gitignore`

Add Android example

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Do not ignore ktscfg xml files

Ignore log files in repository root

Add .mrconfig with entries for project and wiki

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Convert `java-application` sample to Gradle Kotlin

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Generate Kotlin script configuration file

So Kotlin based build script files can be comfortably edited from IDEA.

This is still work in progress though. We need to generate a classpath

that contains the latest Gradle built from `fram-gradle` instead of the

Gradle that we use to build `gradle-script-kotlin` (currently 2.13).

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Generate API extensions for `Action<*>` methods

The generated extensions replace the `Action<T>` parameters by function

literals with [custom receiver


to provide an experience closer to the Groovy DSL.

Unfortunately it seems the Kotlin compiler will still pick the original

`Action<*>` methods from the interface instead of the generated

extensions with custom receiver objects.

See #1

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Introduce Gradle build

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Ignore transient IDEA and Vim artifacts

Ignore Vim swap files

Remove 'subprojects/*/ide' entry from .gitignore

These directories are no longer in use.

Remove 'buildSrc/lib' entry from .gitignore

This directory is no longer in use.

Remove 'intellij' entry from .gitignore

See commit 4bfcecb6248e144ead37e5903d9e37dc8148b505.

Remove 'performanceTest' entries from .gitignore

See commit a3be0bd07644f52a0ea87bd552b52c3205ea78a3.

Remove 'website' entries from .gitignore

See commit eafd5ecdb4606ceb7d7304446bc9c5f13dcfe679.

Organize .gitignore

Ignore IDEA's `.shelf` directory.

ignore hprof files in git

Add Netbeans Gradle integration files to .gitignore

The `.nb-gradle-properties` contains user bindings of IDE actions to

Gradle tasks.

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Ignoring .java-version (jenv)

Add extraArgs setting to FindBugs task and extension

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Add NetBeans metadata folder to ignored files.

REVIEW-3315: don't generate resources in source folder and get rid of additional .gitignore entry.

- put generated version resources file into generatedResourcesDir

- use groovy instead of groovy-all.

- fall back to fixed version for scalatest and groovy until we have a convenient way to declare custom versionselectors because they pull in beta and rc versions

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REVIEW-3247: use fix versions in init templates; resolve latest version at build time;

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