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Remove dependencies

Use new plugin jar

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    • binary
Move responsibility for constructing a `StartParameter` from command-line options and properties into a single class.

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Update released version to latest snapshot

Update library versions in build init to latest for 6.7

Clean release notes and welcome message for 6.7

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Update version to 6.7


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Move responsibility for calculating the effective properties used for build option values into a single class.

Fix for previous commit.

Extract a type that takes care of determining the build layout parameters from command-line arguments and system properties, rather than spreading this responsibility across several types.

Don't unpack embeddable Kotlin compiler

Why should we unpack it.

Fix yaml formatting

Add support for classpath hashing of zips nested in directories

Add support for classpath hashing of zips nested in directories

Fix link to blog post

Setup small window for testing

Rename environment variable used in the test to avoid clashes

Let `OrElseProvider` execution time value be a changing value

When either `left` or `right` execution time values are changing values.

Let `OrElseProvider` consider both `left` and `right` providers as value producers

Which ensures task dependencies from both providers are visited and included in

the graph.

Polish `ProviderCodecs`

- Replace if/else chain by when

- Format for symmetry

Update list of install tasks

in `BuildVersionPlugin` so all built distributions

have a unique version number.

Cleanup visibility

Cleanup visibility

Add test coverage for the interaction of `ValueSource` with `orElse` and `orNull`

See #13333

See #13334

Add Stefan Oehme as a contributor

in the release notes.

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Merge pull request #13301 from oehme/task-plan-performance

Small performance improvements

Address review feedback

Keep old project root directories around

so we don't do too many changes for watching root

directories and things inside.

Fixes for changes to converters.