Simplify initialization of TaskHistoryCache further

Add integ test coverage for root single file inputs

Divorce TaskHistoryStore and CrossBuildFileHashCache

These two should have never implemented one another.

Merge branch 'master'

Use setters for compatibility with new validation plugin

Use `int` instead of `HashCode`

As `HashCode` was only overhead.

Nag user about deprecated setters

Simplify TaskHistoryStore API

Replaced two similar methods with one, and made PersistentIndexedCacheParameters immutable and nicer to instantiate.

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TeamCity change in 'Gradle / Util / Performance' project: artifact dependencies of 'AdHoc Performance Test Coordinator - Linux' build configuration were updated

TeamCity change in 'Gradle / Util / Performance' project: snapshot dependency was added in 'AdHoc Performance Test Coordinator - Linux' build configuration

Simplify code

Remove some unused code and parameters, also stop having TaskExecution.originMetadata be nullable.

More simplification on GeneratedSingletonFileTree

- remove RelativePath

Install tapi jar and distribution

Merge pull request #7429 from gradle/lptr/build-cache/extract-packaging

Move build cache packaging and execution to build-cache-packaging

Better error message

Revert commented out test code

Parameterize tooling api shaded jar install path (#7365)

We need to customize tooling api shaded jar installation. This commit

adds a parameter toolingApiShadedJarInstallPath, which is similar to gradle_installPath.

Merge pull request #7343 from gradle/oehme/memory-limits

Lower default memory limits for Gradle processes

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Merge pull request #7404 from gradle/oehme/maven3

Remove Maven 2 publishing mode

Merge pull request #7386 from gradle/wolfs/normalization/relative-path-sensitivity

Add missing path sensitivity annotations

Add samples directory to PerformanceTest inputs

Rework PerformanceTestPlugin

- Convert to Java

- Move to performance subproject

- Move samples to build/samples

- Remove unnecessary magic

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Spike: determine the impact of resolving artifact file during task graph calculation.

Revert 24172d78f03fc5413adc4c46ee1e083d217ced41 and 76fff830089abd9dd7ac38b1630a480a0f5384bd

Seems like TeamCity doesn't support empty string parameter well. This reverts previous two commits.

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Polish PR

Polish PR

Polish PR

Polish PR

Polish PR

Add quotes around baselines parameter